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The Voivodship Vocational Education Centre was established in 1996 and since 1998 it has functioned under the name of the Voivodship Centre of Teacher Training and Vocational Education, and in 2001 it changed its name to Lodz Centre Of Teacher Training And Vocational Education.
From the very beginning, the activity of the Centre has been focused on the systematic modernization and improvement of the education system and life-long learning of adults.
Our centre is organized in such a way as to improve professional skills and enrich skill set of teaching staff in all types of schools and educational institutions for the needs of the reformed school, as well as conduct adult education and practical training of pupils both as part of year-round didactic activities and extracurricular work with the use of modern, specialized techno-didactic equipment.
Our mission is to prepare the teaching staff to fulfil the school’s tasks and to constantly improve the quality of work and learning outcomes. The aim of our institution is to improve teaching and professional skills of teachers as well as to educate adults. We strive to fulfil the tasks of our clients, ensuring them full satisfaction from participation in organized forms of improvement and consulting and we enable obtaining certificates confirming the acquired skills.

There are two main divisions / pillars within the structures of the Lodz Centre Of Teacher Training And Vocational Education:
Teacher Training Centre - organizing and conducting methodological guidance and professional development for teachers, as well as supporting teaching staff in introducing changes and innovations into school educational systems.
Vocational Education Centre - oriented towards the organization of practical education of students and adults in various professional areas. These are, among others, mechatronics, robotics, electronics, power electronics, automotive electronics, computer-aided design, computer-aided manufacturing, health and safety and ergonomics, programming of numerically controlled machine tools.

Teacher Training Centre includes the following departments:
• School Education System Improvement Department
• Management in Education Department
• Modern Information Technology Department
• European and Regional Education Department
• Vocational Consultancy Department

In the School Education System Improvement Department there are laboratories providing guidance and training in the following areas: pre-school education, early school education, human science / humanities education, science education, upbringing and prevention.
Management in Education Department is involved in building school quality systems, pro-quality education of students, improving the internal quality system, improving educational skills of teachers and managing a school or any educational institution.
Modern Information Technology Department conducts activities in the field of media education, computer-aided design, distance education and practical applications of computer science in education.
European and Regional Education Department organizes improvement in new education models, European education programmes and regional and civic education.
Vocational Consultancy Department deals with professional orientation and counselling, testing professional predispositions, as well as economic, legal and entrepreneurship education.

Vocational Education Centre includes Vocational Education Department with the following laboratories:
• Practical training laboratory
• Safety, occupational health and ergonomics laboratory
• Regional Centre of Mechatronic Education

Vocational Education Department provides vocational education for students of vocational schools, adolescent employees and adults. It enhances the skills both of theoretical vocational subjects teachers and instructors of practical vocational training. It organizes lifelong learning tailored to the needs of the labour market. It organizes examinations confirming the development of selected skills for participants of extracurricular forms of education and external exams confirming professional qualifications in cooperation with the District Examination Board.
Regional Centre Of Mechatronic Education, using its unique nationwide technical and teaching equipment, it conducts general vocational and specialist training for people who want to gain new qualifications in the field of mechatronics (pupils, teachers of vocational schools, company employees, job seekers).

In addition, as part of the Lodz Centre of Teacher Training And Vocational Education, there are three interdisciplinary teams:
• Educational Labour Market Observatory
• European Projects Team
• Publishing Team

Educational Labour Market Observatory conducts activities aimed at analysing the relations between education and the labour market and concerning the area of education for the needs of the regional labour market.
European Projects Team deals with obtaining funds from external sources for the implementation of project activities.
Publishing Team carries out publishing works and disseminates supporting materials for participants of all our activities and cooperating entities.

Each year, the Centre carries out an average of over 5,000 services attended by approximately 50,000 people.

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